核桃蝦   Hony Walnut Prawn                                            $8.95


左宗雞 General Tso’s Chicken                                      $8.95

(Chunks of boneless chicken sauteed in chef’s special spicy sauce.
The favorite of a very famous Chinese Genera

芝麻雞   Sesame Chicken                                                     $8.95

陳皮雞   Orange Chicken                                                     $8.95

(Large chunks of chicken sauteed in spicy
                        orange  flavored sauce)                           

五味雞  Chicken Amazing                                                     $8.95

       (Sliced chicken stir fried in a special
Hunan-Szechuan mix sauce ,This sauce
makes this dish amazin &excellent)    

全家福    Happy Family                                                         $11.25

(Combination of shrimp, scallop, beef,
chicken with broccoli, carrots, snow peas
and water chestnuts in chef’s special sauce)          

海鮮大会  Seafood Delight                                                  $11.25

        (A seafood lover’s favorite the fresh prawns,
scallops&crab meat w.veg in special sauce)    

陳皮牛 Orange Beef                                                              $9.95

(Chunks of bee f pan-seared to perfection
w.diced orange prl&flecked w.ginger)                  

芝麻牛  Sesame Beef                                                               $9.95

炒三樣  Three Ingredient                                                      $10.25

       (Chef special combination of chicken,
shrimp &pork sauteed with Veg )                       


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