Shin Shin Catering & Restaurant


                      1253 W El Camino Real #E , Sunnyvale, CA 94087

                      Tel:650-966-8667 / Fax:650-966-1868

 (Next to BEVMO!)

Delivery Service Available                       
Limited Area
($15 Minimum Order)

Great food and great service brought to you by  Shin Shin  Chinese Food  Restaurant. Shin Shin Catering & Restaurant was first established in 1978 in Berkeley, California and specializes in Chinese cuisine.  After years of  hard work,  Shin Shin Catering & Restaurant  became well known to locals and visitors to Berkeley.

Our chefs skillfully prepare all our food fresh everyday. Now, we take pride in serving our  signature dishes to people in the South Bay. Our commitment is to bring  you  the real flavors of  the Chinese culture. Shin Shin Catering & Restaurant  thanks you for your support and welcomes you to our new home in Sunnyvale!



春卷         Vegetable Egg Roll (5)                  $4.50

炸蟹角      Crab Rangoon        (8)                     $4.95

炸雲吞      Fried Wonton        (12)                    $4.50

鍋貼         Pot Stickers            (6)                          $5.25

水餃        Steamed Dumpling (6)                           $5.25

炸蝦        Fried  prawns  (6)                                   $5.25

美味叉燒   B-B-Q  Roast Pork                                 $5.95

炸排骨      Dried Fried Ribs                                     $6.25

炸雞翅     Fried Chicken Wings (5)                        $5.95

B-B-Q雞翅  B-B-Q Chicken Wings (10 )                  $7.95

椒鹽雞翅  Salt& Pepper Chicken Wings (10)       $7.95

椒鹽豬扒   Salt& Pepper  Pork Chop                    $7.95


餛飩湯      Wonton Soup                                                 $5.95

蛋花湯      Egg Drop Soup                                               $5.95

雞面或飯湯  Chicken NoodleSoup or RiceSoup      $5.95

酸辣湯      Hot&Sour Soup                                              $5.95

雲吞蛋花湯  Wonton Egg Drop Soup                           $5.95

蔬菜豆腐湯  Bean Curd W Vegetable Soup                $5.95

本楼雲吞   HouseSpecialWonton Soup                       $6.95

(chincken ,beef ,prawns and Vegetable)                  

玉米雞湯    Chicken & Corn Soup                                  $5.95


蛋炒飯      Egg Fried Rice                                             $6.50

菜炒飯      Vegetable Fried Rice                                 $6.50

叉燒飯      Roast Pork Fried Rice                               $6.50

雞炒飯      Chicken Fried Rice                                      $6.50

牛炒飯      Beef  Fried Rice                                           $6.50

蝦炒飯      Prawns Fried Rice                                      $6.50

本樓炒飯   House Special Fried Rice                         $6.95

                        ( Beef ,chicken ,prawn)                       

欣欣炒飯   Shin Shin Special Fried Rice                    $7.25

( beef ,chicken ,prawn and lettuce w/ white rice)  

白飯      Steamed Rice (large)                                      $2.00


菜炒麵          Vegetable Chow Mein                       $6.50

叉燒炒麵     Roast Pork Chow Mein                      $6.50

雞炒麵         Chicken Chow Mein                            $6.50

牛炒麵         Beef Chow Mein                                   $6.50

蝦炒麵         Prawns Chow Mein                             $6.50

本樓炒麵    House Special Chow Mein                  $6.95


  (flat)  /  (thin)

菜河粉或米粉      VEG.Chow Fun or Rice Noodle            $6.95

叉燒河粉或米粉    Pork Chow Fun or Rice Noodle        $6.95

雞河粉或米粉     Chicken Chow Fun or Rice Noodle     $6.95

牛河粉或米粉     Beef Chow Fun or Rice Noodle            $6.95

蝦河粉或米粉     Prawns Chow Fun or Rice Noodle      $6.95

本樓河粉或米粉   HouseSpecial Chow Fun or

                                                    RiceNoodle                         $7.50

星州米粉             Singapore Rice Noodle                           $7.50

Sweet & Sour

甜酸肉     Sweet & Sour Pork                                   $7.95

甜酸雞     Sweet & Sour Chicken                             $7.95

甜酸蝦     Sweet & Sour Prawns                              $8.95

Egg Foo Yong

菜蓉蛋     Vegetable Egg Foo Yong                          $7.95

叉燒蓉蛋   Roast Pork Egg Foo Yong                      $7.95

雞蓉蛋     Chicken Egg Foo Yong                               $7.95

牛蓉蛋     Beef Egg Foo Yong                                      $7.95

 蝦蓉蛋     Prawns Egg Foo Yong                               $8.25

本樓蓉蛋   House Special Egg Foo Yong                  $8.25